Eco Friendly Products

Eco friendly homes from experienced builders

There is a growing need for new homes, especially for first-time buyers and key workers.

Affordability is important, but new buildings should also be environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.

Eco Friendly timber frame homes are the answer!

As Eco Friendly builders, we use natural products including timber from sustainable sources, wood fibre, hemp and sheep's wool. These products help reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact during construction and, most importantly, during daily use of the building.

Eco-friendly timber houses are built in many parts of the world and suit both hot and cold climates.  Timber frame is the number one choice for builders in Scotland where homes need to be built fast, be very energy-efficient and keep occupants comfortable all year round.  In hot and humid climates, including parts of Australia and Malaysia, timber frame is also very effectively used by builders.

Benefits of eco-friendly timber frame houses are:

  • Timber is organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable
  • Timber from sustainable sources is beneficial to the environment
  • Energy savings before and after moving in
  • Natural materials have good insulation for wide-ranging climates
  • Minimal environmental damage during carriage and construction
  • Waste and 'end of life' wood is fully recyclable.

At Eco Frame Systems, we are also passionate about passive house design, which saves energy by not using conventional heating systems.

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