Split pitch roof

Staplehurst Free Church

Staplehurst Church has been a project that we have all throughly enjoyed working on, it pushes boundaries and has raised plenty of challenges.  The architect who has lead the design and build is Richard Hawkes of Hawkes Architecture (featured on Grand Designs).  Eco Frame Systems designed, manufactured and erected the air tight timber frame & roof as well as supply and installation of all the triple glazing (Gaulhofer). We also took on the insulation and roof finishing.

The Church has impressive environmental credentials as well as the airtight timber frame, triple glazing, high levels of insulation it also has a mechanical ventilation, heat recovery system and PV system. With the church funds tight the eco credentials ensure it needs minimal heating and cooling leaving any excess energy generated from the PV system available to sell back to the National Grid.  Putting much needed pennies back into the Church coffers.

Artists Impression                                        Current state of play Jan 2012