Internorm Doors and Windows


Pioneers of the industry, Gaulhofer offers a wide range of products with impressive Uw statistics which meet and exceed the demanding passive housing requirements for Uw values.Their innovative window constructions are an ideal solution for passive houses and for any old or new building. 

A triple-glazed window design helps to create the perfect warm environment. Good insulation ensures that the surface temperature of the frame and the glass pane is close to that of the indoor air. This prevents the creation of a cooling veil, creating a warm and cosy space, even when standing close to the window. 

You can save energy with large windows too - Gaulhofer's high insulation properties allow you to have up to 40% more glass surface for the same heating costs. The Gaulhofer range is acclaimed for it's timber aluminum composite windows and doors which feature slim frames, large expanses of glass areas, eco properties (sustainably lumbered timber) offer exemplary Uw values from 0.77 W/m2K.

Key Features of Triple Glazed windows in Gaulhofer Range:

Sealed Tight: a-value is 0.02 m3/hm

Low Energy Loss: Uw value from 0.77W/m2k

Solar Energy: g-value up to 62%

Light Transmittance: high TL value*

Sound Insulation: excellent sound reduction indexes*

To see the full Gaulhofer product range and specifications visit the Gaulhofer website or contact us for a colour brochure. 

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