Artist Studio, Canterbury, Kent


We have recently completed a project for an internationally renowned artist based in Kent.  The artist required a new studio and gallery which would be flooded with natural light, be superior in presentation and would enhance the working and displaying environment for the paintings.  In addition to these requirements the artist wanted the building to blend in with the natural landscape and give the very best in thermal performance.

The artist’s studio has obtained a preliminary air tightness test result of 0.39 air changes per hour, comfortably inside the Passivhaus limit of 0.6. Current UK Building Regulations only require 10 air changes per hour.  With these statistics acheived and a number of other key design features (see the building has been awarded Passivhaus certification making it the UK’s first Passivhaus industrial building,

Sustainable Architects, Conker Conservation, were commisioned to design and project manage with the main contracters being Ecolibrium Solutions Ltd.   

A unique feature designed by the Engineer S C Green in conjunction with Eco Frame Systems Ltd is a timber portal frame without tie beams, using only I-beams.  This allows a vast open space for the artist’s works, which can measure 4 m high.

Eco Frame Systems have provided the timber frame expertise as well as supplying and installingthe triple glazed windows and doors (passivehaus standard).